Sentence Examples

  • This decision was communicated to the foreign churches, and seems to have been justified by referring to the self-mutilation of Origen and adducing objectionable doctrines which he was said to have promulgated.
  • 1-5), Paul is represented as warning him against false shame (6 seq.), adducing his own example and that of Onesiphorus.
  • Mill also protested " against adducing, as evidence of the truth of a fact in external nature, the disposition, however strong or however general, of the human mind to believe it."
  • The result is that both Sigwart and Wundt transform the inductive process of adducing particular examples to induce a universal law into a deductive process of presupposing a universal law as a ground to deduce particular consequences.
  • The adducing of a witness for which he uses the verb is not an idea that covers all the uses.

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