Sentence Examples

  • Most laboring women need other comfort techniques such as aromatherapy, massage, birthing ball use, position changes, hot/cold therapy, hydrotherapy, hypnosis/meditation/imagery, or even acupressure to help with childbirth.
  • Acupressure applies finger or thumb pressure to specific points located on the energy pathways or "meridians" in order to release blocked energy along these meridians that may be causing physical discomfort.
  • If your fertility problems have no defined medical cause, you may want to speak to your healthcare provider about whether acupressure treatments can be used to supplement your other efforts to get pregnant.
  • Acupressure-Often described as acupuncture without needles, acupressure is a traditional Chinese medical technique based on theory of qi (life energy) flowing in energy meridians or channels in the body.
  • While it is best to go to a skilled therapist who knows not only the techniques of acupressure but has tried to induce labor in other women, many couples try the acupressure technique at home together.