Sentence Examples

  • The book was not premeditated; a single poem, called out by the recruiting for the abhorred Mexican war, couched in rustic phrase and sent to the Boston Courier, had the inspiriting dash and electrifying rat-tat-tat of this new recruiting sergeant in the little army of Anti-Slavery reformers.
  • T vr9 ianf' iktn>; 0 Llatdieo Tat cram ° Carnaruon nf?
  • He had, in this way, what he called his tit for tat with Lord John; and the queen, accepting her ministers resignation, sent for Lord Derbyfor Lord Stanley had now succeeded to this title-~and charged him with the task of forming a ministry.
  • In front in the fog a shot was heard and then another, at first irregularly at varying intervals--trata... tat--and then more and more regularly and rapidly, and the action at the Goldbach Stream began.
  • "Awesome tat," a distinctly American male voice said.