Sentence Examples

  • His name was Zahir ud-din-Mahomet, and he was given the surname of Baber, meaning the tiger.
  • Until 1846 the country enjoyed peace under the just and liberal rule of Zahir-ud-din, the Chinese governor, but in that year a fresh Khoja revolt under Kath Tora led to his making himself master of the city, with circumstances of unbridled licence and oppression.
  • Zahir bul-Ilasan All], 411427 (1020-1035).
  • Bibars recognized the claim of a certain Abul-Qasim Abmed to be the son of Zahir, the 35th Abbasid caliph, and installed him as Commander of the Faithful at Cairo with the title al-Mostansir billh.
  • This person, proving incompetent, was deposed by a revolution of the Mamelukes on the 4th of December 1467, when the Atabeg Timurbogha was proclaimed with the title Malik al-Zahir, In a months time, however, there was another palace revolution, and the new Atabeg Kait Bey or Kaietbai (January 3tst, 1468) was proclaimed sultan, the dethroned Timurbogha being, however, permitted to go free whither he pleased.