Sentence Examples

  • M.) The same word is used in the anonymous prophecy incorporated in the book of Zachariah (xii.
  • 701-703.) But if we except the Zachariah and John group of legends, it is not necessary to assume the Gnostic recast of this work in the 3rd century as is done by Lipsius.
  • His successors were Simeon, called Titus; Gegnesius, an Armenian, called Timotheus; Joseph, called Epaphroditus; Zachariah, rejected by some; Baanes, accused of immoral teaching; lastly Sergius, called Tychicus.
  • Connellsville was first settled in 1770, was laid out as a town by Zachariah Connell, in whose honour it was named, in 1793, and was incorporated in 1806.
  • Then citing from Genesis and 2 Chronicles, the first and last books in the order of the Jewish Bible, He declared that all righteous blood from that of Abel to that of Zachariah should be required of that generation.