Sentence Examples

  • But Wellhausen 1 is probably right in taking the word as a contraction for Hagariah ("Yahweh hath girded"), just as Zaccai (Zacchaeus) is known to be a contraction of Zechariah.
  • 35) and Zacchaeus (Luke xix.
  • Zacchaeus, and the triumphal entry into Jerusalem.
  • - Luke again takes up his Marcan document, nearly at the point at which he left it, and follows it in the main, though he adds the story of Zacchaeus and the parable of the Minae (the Ten Pieces of Money), and omits the withering of the fig-tree and some matter at the end of the discourse on the Last Things, which are given in Mark.
  • Zacchaeus the publican and the grateful Samaritan leper further illustrate this characteristic. Writing as he does for Gentile believers he omits many details which from their strongly Jewish cast might be unintelligible or uninteresting.

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