Sentence Examples

  • Video game spoofs and parodies have been around nearly as long as video games, but they have become much more popular in this technological age where people can freely upload funny videos onto such websites as Google Video and YouTube.
  • As the popularity of YouTube exploded, more and more website creators founded new video sharing websites, so that today you now have hundreds of online resources available where you can upload and store all of your family videos.
  • Oprah likely turned her attention toward the school after Clark's students produced a powerful political rap video titled "Vote However U Like," published to YouTube during the last presidential election and picked up by major TV networks.
  • The United States contributes much to this, including its movies, products such as iPhones, and websites such as Google, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, and eBay.
  • I do not think the importance of YouTube lies in its role as a communication method nor as a fundamentally new means of distribution of media.