Sentence Examples

  • Thence it is continued in a north-east line towards Yola, as far as the confines of that 1 This English form of the name, adopted in the 10th ed.
  • The boundary is then deflected south so as to leave Yola in British territory, turning north again to cross the Benue river at a spot 3 m.
  • The eastern boundary runs from the Sanga irregularly north to io° N., where it approaches the British frontier at Yola, so that at its narrowest part the protectorate is little more than 50 m.
  • The valleys of the Niger and Benue, especially the latter, are very much lower, the town of Yola on the Benue, some 400 m.
  • Nearer Yola live the Battas, who also had a bad reputation.