Sentence Examples

  • Yin; 4.
  • Aureoreticulata is esteemed "r for its charmingly varie Yin, gated leaves netted with golden yellow.
  • The former is worshipped by the Mongolians as Okkin Tengri, " the Virgin Goddess "; but in Tibet and China the role of the divine virgin is filled by Kwan Yin, a personification of Avalokitesvara as the heavenly word, who is often represented with a child in her arms. Srong Tsan Gampo has also become a saint, being looked upon as an incarnation of Avalokitesvara; and the description in the ecclesiastical historians of the measures he took for the welfare of his subjects do great credit to their ideal of the perfect Buddhist king.
  • Below this the tributaries are again only mountain streams till the Thaung-yin comes in from the S.E.
  • Of this group of people, among whom may be named the Yao, Yao Yin, Lanten, Meo, Musur (or Muhso) and Kaw, perhaps the best known and most like the Lao are the Lu - both names meaning originally "man" - who have in many cases adopted a form of Buddhism (flavoured strongly by their natural respect for local spirits as well as tattooing) and other relatively civilized customs, and have forsaken their wandering life among the hills for a more settled village existence.