Yauld Definition

yôd, yäd, yäld
Active, nimble, etc.
Webster's New World

(Now chiefly dialectal, Scotland) Vigorous; strong; healthy.


(Now chiefly dialectal, Scotland) Active; sprightly; alert.


Origin of Yauld

  • From Middle English *yeld, from Old English *Ä¡ilde (“valuable, of worth"), from Proto-Germanic *gildiz (“valuable, valid, wholesome, precious"), from Proto-Indo-European *gheldh- (“to pay for, repay"). Cognate with Scots yauld (“active, strong, mighty"), Old Norse gildr (“of full worth, size, measure, or quality; full; complete; absolute; great") (whence Icelandic gildur (“valid, thick, prominent, important"), Swedish gild (“stout, of full size"), Danish gild (“brawny, of full size, fine"). Related to yield.

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