Sentence Examples

  • Yate, Northern Afghanistan (1888).
  • Proc. R.G.S., 1887; Henry Lansdell, Through Central Asia (London, 1887); Archibald Colquhoun, Report on Railway Connexion between Burma and China (London, 1887); Major C. Yate, Northern Afghanistan (Edinburgh, 1888); Captain F.
  • Yate of Waimate, who said it was the second he had seen, and that he had kept the bird alive for nearly a fortnight, while in less than another couple of years additional information (op. cit., 18 37, p. 24) came from T.
  • Yate, Khurasan and Sistan (Edinburgh, 1900); H.
  • See C. Yate, Northern Afghanistan (1888); J.

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