Sentence Examples

  • Thus ortho-phenylene diamine yields the following products: N H N ./`N; Xn NZ In some cases oxidation of condensed benzenoid-heterocyclic nuclei results in the rupture of the heterocyclic ring with the formation of a benzene dicarboxylic acid; but if the aromatic nucleus be weakened by the introduction of an amino group, then it is the benzenoid nucleus which is destroyed and a dicarboxylic acid of the heterocyclic ring system obtained.
  • In general in space of n dimensions we have n substitutions similar to X l = a11x1 +a12x2 + � � � + ainxn, and we have to express the n 2 coefficients in terms of Zn(n - I)i independent quantities; which must be possible, because X1+X2+..."IL Xn =xi+x2 +x3 +...+4.
  • =0, are non-unitary symmetric functions of the roots of a xn-a l xn 1 a2 x n-2 -...
  • The binomial theorem may, for instance, be stated for (x+a)n alone; the formula for (x-a)" being obtained by writing it as {x+(-)a} n or Ix+(- a) } n, so that (x-a) n =x"- 1)xn-laF...+(-)rn(r)xn-rar+..., where + (-) r means - or + according as r is odd or even.
  • This is expressed by saying that the sequence converges to (x+h)" as its limit; it may be stated concisely in any of the three ways, (x+h) n =lim(x"+n(1)xn-lh+....+ n(T)xn-rhr+��.),(x+h)n =lim Sr, Sr. (x+h)n.