Sentence Examples

  • It involves reduced activity of factor XI and is characterized by mild bleeding such as nosebleeds (epistaxis) or prolonged menstrual bleeding, or mild bleeding after tonsillectomies or dental extractions.
  • CN XI: This nerve is usually examined by asking the patient to shrug shoulders (testing a muscle called the trapezius) and rotating the head to each side (testing a muscle called the sternocleidomastoid).
  • After a great flood, Fu Xi and his sister were the only survivors and with the approval of the Emperor of Heaven procreated a new world with the help of clay figures that they turned into human beings.
  • As part of their wedding ceremony, the couple took a piece of red paper and wrote the character XI on it and then wrote it a second time to symbolize their love.
  • Factor XI (hemophilia C) deficiency is most often treated with plasma, since there are no commercially available concentrates of factor XI in the United States.