Sentence Examples

  • They were at first often called Wycliffites, as the theological theories of Huss were largely founded on the teachings of Wycliffe.
  • That he would shortly "drown all Wycliffites and Hussites," greatly incensed the people.
  • Issued a bull on the 17th of March 1 4 20 which proclaimed a crusade "for the destruction of the Wycliffites, Hussites and all other heretics in Bohemia."
  • The Wycliffites were a feeble folk, compelled to subterraneous ways, and destitute of learned leaders or powerful supporters.
  • The origins of a Protestant party, who were not mere Wycliffites, but had been first interested in dogmatic controversy by coming upon the works of Luther, can be traced back to the year 1521 and to the university of Cambridge.

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