Sentence Examples

  • Workhouses both lodged the poor and gave them work.
  • Parliament, congress, colleges, schools, workhouses, cemeteries), or to the army and the navy.
  • Many workhouses have been established for indigent persons capable of work.
  • Seven years before he had started a model farm at Frechine, where he demonstrated the advantages of scientific methods of cultivation and of the introduction of good breeds of cattle and sheep. Chosen a member of the provincial assembly of Orleans in 1787, he busied himself with plans for the improvement of the social and economic conditions of the community by means of savings banks, insurance societies, canals, workhouses, &c.; and he showed the sincerity of his philanthropical work by advancing money out of his own pocket, without interest, to the towns of Blois and Romorantin, for the purchase of barley during the famine of 1788.
  • Since many of the poor were not able-bodied, the workhouses were not profitable institutions.

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