Sentence Examples

  • Unless you're looking for a solid, workhorse bra that comes in your skin tone and looks as seamless as possible under as many of your clothes without cutting into your shoulders, back, or sides, simply see what catches your eye first.
  • If you talk with a few tailors or avid sewing hobbyists, you will find that the majority of them will tell you that, for a basic workhorse sewing machine, you cannot do any better than an old Singer sewing machine.
  • This allows you to put the file transfer workhorse to the test on your own system, evaluating it and then making your final purchasing decision with confidence.
  • Nikon D300S: The D300 was the long awaited successor to the workhorse Nikon D200 camera, but has since been improved upon in the form of the D300S.
  • The 66 was one of the most expensive sewing machines on the market in its time but it was a workhorse, sewing nearly any fabric.