Sentence Examples

  • His wife Adele leaves him during the course of the series because he is a workaholic.
  • For four seasons the quiet town, located about 40 miles north of Salt Lake City, served as the backdrop for Everwood, which starred Treat Williams as workaholic neurosurgeon Andrew Brown.
  • The award-winning series starred Sarah Jessica Parker as glitterati Carrie Bradshaw, Kristen Davis as demure Charlotte York, Kim Cattrall as sexpot Samantha Jones and Cynthia Nixon as workaholic Miranda Hobbes.
  • I don't want to end up caring more for work than for my relationships, but compared to him I am a workaholic and so part of me thinks I should want to be more like him.
  • Kelly Cutrone was known throughout the fashion industry for her sharp tongue and workaholic lifestyle, which made her a natural for reality TV.