Sentence Examples

  • You can check out the interactive menu and choose a puzzle to play online, or you can select from one of the many word searches, number puzzles, crosswords, wordplay puzzles, kids Sudoku, logic and brainteaser puzzles.
  • Though many of the puns and idioms might go over the heads of younger readers, older children who like language might enjoy writing their own short passages with puns or mimicking Juster's wordplay in other ways.
  • When reading great cheerleading quotes, remember that the silly tongue-in-cheek wordplay functions as a cheerleading accessory, worn on top of sheer athleticism and heart.
  • Ultimate Guitar: Known for its huge song and artist database, Ultimate Guitar offers tabs and chords for Mraz songs such as A Beautiful Mess, Sleep All Day, and Wordplay.
  • Another recurring feature of the Twitter Tracker voice is the use of clever (or not-so-clever) wordplay to continue to build up the hype.