Sentence Examples

  • Also W = (V +IA)w i; or w1=W/(V+/A), w p =W/(V+plA), and wn =W/(Vd-nIA), or the densities of the several liquids vary inversely as the respective volumes of the instrument immersed in them; and, since the divisions of the scale correspond to equal increments of volume immersed, it follows that the densities of the several liquids in which the instrument sinks to the successive divisions form a harmonic series.
  • Certain peculiarities in the language of the Pentateuch (xm for N ' r wn for rngv), which used to be regarded as archaisms, are to be explained as purely orthographical.
  • T~tU!)O(j cause him to live, from Egyptian dltn1/2-f), and, in its periphrastic conjugation, the same forms of wn, be, and Iry, do.
  • This wn followed by Godoys return to power, though he left the depart ment of foreign affairs to a subordinate.
  • Wn, Wire netting.