Sentence Examples

  • Spearmint, wintergreen, banana, assorted fruit, bubblegum, and cherry are some of the more popular flavors, as well as the traditional peppermint.
  • Take the hammer, and making sure there are no fingers and toes in the way, give the wintergreen candy a good whack!
  • Some even make your pet's ears smell like wintergreen!
  • Methyl Salicylate, C,H 4 (OH) CO 2 CH 31 found in oil of wintergreen, in the oil of Viola tricolor and in the root of varieties of Polygala, is a pleasant-smelling liquid which boils at 222° C. On passing dry ammonia into the boiling ester, it gives salicylamide and dimethylamine.
  • Blue flag, snake root, ginseng, lobelia, tansy, wormwood, wintergreen, pleurisy root, plantain, burdock, sarsaparilla and horehound are among its medicinal plants.