Sentence Examples

  • Ted Lemon, the proprietor and winemaker, received his training in Burgundy, France, and can still say to this day he was the only American winemaker to ever be named head winemaker of a Burgundy house--Domaine Guy Roulot in Meursault.
  • As their experience and wine-making interest grows, a winemaker may decide to buy additional wine making equipment and only use fresh fruit - or, they may decide to stay with the convenience of the kits.
  • They then go into a crusher/de-stemmer that removes the stems from the grapes (some wineries do not do this, it is up to the winemaker and what style they are looking for) and then goes into a press.
  • There are many reasons for this, but the fact that a wine varies from year to year, winery to winery, vineyard to vineyard, winemaker to winemaker distinguishes this beverage from beer and spirits.
  • Perhaps positive and perhaps negative, people just tend to sip it and then talk about a wine's character, composition, origins, the winery, and perhaps some juicy gossip tidbit about the winemaker.

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