Sentence Examples

  • Instead of wide, barren, wind-swept valleys, here are found fertile alluvial plains - such as Manipur - but for the most part the erosive action of the river has been able to keep pace with the rise of the river bed, and we have deep, steep-sided valleys eating their way northwards owing to the greater rainfall on the southern than on the northern slopes.
  • Above these are cool, temperate slopes and valleys, and high above these, bleak, wind-swept passes and snowclad peaks.
  • The climate, therefore, in parts is exceedingly cold and bleak in winter, and as it is very wind-swept and parched in summer by the terrible qibli or "sirocco" it is much less attractive in appearance than the favoured region on the northern littoral.
  • The northern portion of Tibet is an arid and wind-swept desert; but in the southern portion the valleys of Lhasa, Shigatse, Gyantse and the Brahmaputra are covered with good soil and groves of trees, well irrigated, and richly cultivated.
  • They fought out the old tribal rivalries of Arabia on the banks of the Guadalquivir and on the Vega of Granada: They planted the Berber down on the bleak, illwatered, and wind-swept central plateau.