Sentence Examples

  • While he was in Congress he voted repeatedly for the principle of the Wilmot Proviso.
  • He began to take an active part in politics in 1844, and in 1845-1847 was a Democratic representative in Congress, where he advocated the Wilmot Proviso.
  • In the third place, the rejection of the Wilmot Proviso and the acceptance (as regards New Mexico and Utah) of "Squatter Sovereignty" meant the adoption of a new principle in dealing with slavery in the territories, which, although it did not apply to the same territory, was antagonistic to the Missouri Compromise of 1820.
  • Bradford, who, as Miss Wilmot, had resided with the princess between 1803 and 1808, and had suggested their preparation.
  • Later when the conservatives accepted the annexation of Texas and the radicals supported the Wilmot Proviso the split became irrevocable.