Sentence Examples

  • Despite the lack of enthusiasm, Willet lobbied for time change until his death in 1915.
  • He edited the earlier volumes of a Bibelwerk (19 vols., 1749-70) which was designed as an adaptation for German readers of the exegetical works of Andrew Willet, Henry Ainsworth, Symon Patrick, Matthew Poole, Matthew Henry and others.
  • On the plains a few waders breed, as the avocet, western willet and longbilled curlew; but most are birds of passage.
  • Much of the confusion in the names of plants has doubtless arisen from the vague use of the French terms giroflee, willet and violette, which were all applied to flowers of the pink tribe, but in England were subsequently extended and finally restricted to very different plants.
  • A few varieties of shore birds breed here, as the Western willet, the Bartramian sandpiper, and the longbilled curlew.

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