Sentence Examples

  • Brown and by Wilfred Powell, and in 1882 Dr Otto Finsch, whose name is well known in connexion with scientific work in New Guinea, made valuable explorations in the neighbourhood of Port Moresby and the Loluki river.
  • 4; Roberts And The Influences Of His Time (1906), By James Cappon; " William Wilfred Campbell," Sewanee Review, October 190O; " Kingsford'S History Of Canada," By G.
  • His surname "of Antequera" was given him because he was besieging that town, then in the hands of the Moors, when he was told that the cortes of Aragon had elected him king in succession to his uncle Martin, the last male of the old line of Wilfred the Hairy.
  • Wilfred Tomkinson (" Phoebe," North Star," Trident," Mansfield," Whirlwind," Myngs," Velox," Morris Moorsom Melpomene, "Tempest" and "Tetrarch" to escort the force and cover it to seaward; "Termagant," "Truculent" and "Manly" to screen the Zeebrugge monitors).
  • Wilfred the Hairy the Comes Vellosus, so called because his countship was poor and covered with scrub wood, and not because the palms of his hands were covered with hair as the legend has itbecame the founder of the counts of Barcelona.