Sentence Examples

  • The duke, who bears the title of "Highness," wields the executive power while sharing the legislation with the estates.
  • They are brought about by "the rod of God," which Moses wields, the effect being instantaneous and all-embracing.
  • But the Zacynthians have a special sea god, half man, half fish, who dwells under the sea, rides on dolphins or in a car drawn by dolphins, and wields a trident.
  • Sankara also founded four Maths, or convents, for Brahmans; the chief one being that of Sringeri in Mysore, the spiritual head (Guru) of which wields considerable power, even that of excommunication, over the Saivas of southern India.
  • Every village, however small, every separate quarter of a town, has a sheikh in whom is lodged the executive power of government - a power loosely defined, and of more or less extent according to the personal character and means of the individual who wields it.