Sentence Examples

  • Whitewater Canyon: The perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day, this river rapids ride uses six-person rafts that float through rugged cliffs and under torrential waterfalls along its five minute course.
  • Visitors can also enjoy tubing, whitewater rafting, hiking, and horseback riding in the Helen area, as well as visiting other natural Georgia attractions such as the Appalachian Trail and Brasstown Bald.
  • Several companies manufacture Master Blaster style slides, including Aqua Leisure International, Whitewater West Industries, NGBS International, and Biwater Leisure.
  • Many cargo pants are water repellent, so they are a great option for whitewater rafting or hiking in damp weather, as well as playing on the beach on a colder day.
  • Blizzard River: This whitewater rapids raft ride is fun for the whole family, and the torrential waterfalls ensure that everyone is soaked and smiling.