Sentence Examples

  • For instance, there is "whitefish caviar," "paddlefish caviar" and "salmon roe caviar."
  • The city has lumber and fishing interests (perch, whitefish, sturgeon, pickerel, bass, &c. being caught in Saginaw Bay), large machine shops and foundries (value of products in 1905, $ 1, 743, 1 55, or 31% of the total of the city's factory products), and various manufactures, including ships (wooden and steel), wooden ware, woodpipe, veneer, railroad machinery, cement, alkali and chicory.
  • Whitefish, bass, trout and pickerel are an important food supply obtained from the waters of the lake, and some perch, catfish and sunfish are caught in the rivers and brooks.
  • McKinley Park on the lake shore south of the city, and Whitefish Bay 6 m.
  • The blue pike, whitefish and herring, obtained on Lake Erie are of;,;, considerable commercial importance.