Sentence Examples

  • The coarse-metal is now smelted, with coke and siliceous fluxes (in order to slag off the iron), and the product, consisting of an impure copper sulphide, is variously known as " blue-metal," when more or less iron is still present, " pimplemetal," when free copper and more or less copper oxide is present, or " fine " or " white-metal," which is a fairly pure copper sulphide, containing about 75% of the metal.
  • The " English process " is made up of the following operations: (i) calcination; (2) smelting in reverberatory furnaces to form the matte; (3) roasting the matte; and (4) subsequent smelting in reverberatory furnaces to fineor white-metal; (5) treating the fine-metal in reverberatory furnaces to coarseor blistercopper, either with or without previous calcination; (6) refining of the coarse-copper.