Sentence Examples

  • Ponies are most esteemed from the wetter regions of the east, and the hilly tracts.
  • And some misapprehension has been caused by the bare, but perfectly correct, statement that the general slope towards the western coast is wetter than that towards the eastern.
  • We irrigate chiefly in the colder and wetter half of the year, and we " saturate " with water the soil in which are growing such plants as are perfectly content with earth not containing more than one-fifth of its weight of moisture.
  • The breakdown of the watershed between the Firths of Clyde and Forth exposes southern Perthshire, the counties of Clackmannan and Kinross, and nearly the whole of Fife to the clouds and rains of the west, and their climates are consequently wetter than those of any others of the eastern slopes of the country.
  • Pinus excelsa, which occurs in Bhutan, is absent in the wetter climate of Sikkim.