Sentence Examples

  • So if you suddenly find yourself looking at a 60 dollar quilted Chanel wallet you have well-founded reasons to be suspicious of the item's authenticity.
  • In the following year, 1718, after some fruitless negotiations with a view to the conclusion of peace, he again took the field; but the treaty of Passarowitz (July 21, 1718) put an end to hostilities at the moment when the prince had well-founded hopes of obtaining still more important successes than those of the last campaign, and even of reaching Constantinople, and dictating a peace on the shores of the Bosporus.
  • Brumpt (5a), Leger (32, 33), Keysselitz (16), Prowazek (47), Minchin (41b) and others - has undoubtedly shown that much of Schaudinn's scheme of the life-history of a Trypanosome is well-founded.
  • The opinion of Pliny, that it is the most ancient aliment of mankind, appears to be well-founded, for no less than three varieties have been found in the lake dwellings of Switzerland, in deposits belonging to the Stone Period.
  • But it does contain an element of truth and indicates a well-founded reproach against the majority of those who practise conjecture.