Sentence Examples

  • These weirs were satisfactorily completed in 1901.
  • The Sangam and Pennar systems depend on two weirs on the river Pennar in the Nellore district, the former about 18 m.
  • Weirs are essential for raising the head of water for water-wheels at mills, and for diverting some of the flow of a river into irrigation canals; but they have received their greatest and most varied extension in the canalization of rivers for navigation.
  • - There are three main types of movable weirs, namely frame weirs, shutter weirs and drum weirs, which, however, present several variations in their arrangements.
  • The system consists of weirs over the rivers Gulleri, Mahanadi and Rushikulya in the backward province of Ganjam, south of Orissa.

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