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  • Jecker's creditors were mostly French, but he still held most of the bonds, and there is reason to believe that he won over Dubois de Saligny by corrupt means to support his claims. Intercepted correspondence (since confirmed from the archives of the Tuileries) showed that the Duc de Morny promised Jecker his patronage in return for 30% of the profits (De la Gorce, Hist.
  • Also Dela Gorce, Histoire du second empire, vols.
  • Spuller, Histoire parlementaire de la Seconde Republique (1891); P. de la Gorce, Histoire du Second Empire (1894 et seq.).
  • General works which may be consulted are Taxile-Delord, Histoire du second Empire (1868-1875); P. de La Gorce, Histoire du second Empire (1894-1905); A.

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