Sentence Examples

  • My webpage does not cover the topic of possessive plural nouns.
  • The important thing to understand here is that all variables are preceded with the "$" symbol, and secondly, this ability allows you to perform a variety of powerful tasks that will make your webpage extremely functional and dynamic.
  • The advantage a book has over an Internet webpage is that you can carry the book with you while you work on your project and make sure that your work is matching up with the pictures…not an easy task with a bulky computer.
  • This is a way that you can do anything from control the commands of your computer (ask it to open documents, delete files, navigate through a webpage, etc.) to write essays, emails, and applications with a hands-free mode.
  • Upload your podcasts there, link to them on your webpage, and then check to make sure that they work before announcing on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites that you have a new podcast available.