Sentence Examples

  • Toasters ovens, especially those that have enough wattage to function as a small oven or those that have special features such as broiling or browning, are complicated small appliances and many things can go wrong with them over time.
  • They can aid you in choosing the best fixtures for your kitchen lighting needs as well as offer input as to particulars such as placement and the installation of dimmers based on the correct wattage for your lighting needs.
  • A limited amount of wattage is carried through a length of a monorail, but more than one transformer can be installed to increase the power and allow a larger number of fixtures to be used.
  • If you buy a stereo that doesn't come with speakers, make sure that you buy speakers that are suited to the configuraiton and the output wattage and range of the stereo system.
  • Of course, with a kit, there's no worrying about exceeding wattage limitations and there's less to concern yourself with so it's a much easier and usually faster installation.