Sentence Examples

  • You can either exfoliate with a washcloth rubbed in circular motions over your skin (the free way to do it) or you can buy any number of products designed to slough off the upper layer of skin.
  • You can also buy a receiving blanket gift set, which includes a double-layered blanket, matching burp cloth and matching washcloth, all of which can be embroidered with the baby's name.
  • The best method of cleaning the external ear is to wipe the outer opening with a damp washcloth folded over the index finger, without going into the ear canal itself.
  • Instead of cleaning the baby's bottom with a moist wipe or washcloth, hold the diaper area over the sink and let warm water wash over the inflamed skin.
  • One of the most challenging aspects of towel origami is that you can't achieve crisp and even folds when you're working with a washcloth or bath towel.