Sentence Examples

  • Warm-hearted and generous, Aquarians view the world through the eyes of a humanitarian; all people are brothers and sisters, or at the very least, friends.
  • Pisces enjoys Aries' go-getter temperament, and Aries loves the fact that Pisces is often warm-hearted and generous.
  • The warm-hearted primetime series used Ogden's Historic 25th Street as its downtown area.
  • As a man, Ballanche was warm-hearted and enthusiastic, but he was endowed with a too-vivid imagination and his strange thoughts are expressed in equally bizarre language.
  • He is indeed the Victorian Theocritus; and, as English country life is slowly swept away before the advance of the railway and the telegraph, he will be more and more read for his warm-hearted and fragrant record of rustic love and piety.