Sentence Examples

  • He assisted at the taking of Wareham, and shortly afterwards compounded for his estates by a fine of X500 from which, however, he was afterwards relieved by Cromwell.
  • WAREHAM, a market town and municipal borough in the eastern parliamentary division of Dorsetshire, England, 1212 m.
  • Owing to its situation as a key of Purbeck, the site of Wareham (Werham, Warham) has been occupied from early times.
  • That Wareham was a pre-Saxon town is evident from Asser's statement that its British name was Durngueir.
  • The early chroniclers declare that St Aldhelm founded a church near Wareham about 701, and perhaps the priory, which is mentioned as existing in 876, when the Danes retired from Cambridge to a strong position in this fort.

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