Sentence Examples

  • He used to kill sometimes, but never wantonly or continuously."
  • In height, but it has been wantonly damaged.
  • Still thinking that foreign nations could be coerced through their commercial interests, he scouted as visionary the idea that Great Britain would go to war on a refusal to carry Jay's treaty into effect, thinking it inconceivable that Great Britain "would wantonly make war" upon a country which was the best market she had in the world for her manufactures, and one with which her export trade was so much larger than her import.
  • The latter, however, was slain in 1166 in consequence of having wantonly blinded the king of Dal Araide.
  • Hieronymus, the grandson of Hiero, thought fit to ally himself with Carthage; he did not live, however, to see the mischief he had done, for he fell in a conspiracy which he had wantonly provoked by his arrogance and cruelty.