Sentence Examples

  • Ussher, Napoleon's Last Voyages (London, 1895; new ed., 1906); G.
  • He made similar voyages in later years in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, the North Sea and Palestine.
  • Soc.'s Recueil de Voyages, &c. (Paris, 1839); W.
  • Passing to Australia, we have the first good description of some of its birds in the several old voyages and in Latham's works before mentioned.
  • It was also in the reign of Justinian that Cosmas Indicopleustes, an Egyptian merchant, made several voyages, and afterwards composed his XpUTTcavuxr} Toaoypa(Pia (Christian Topography), containing, in addition to his absurd cosmogony, a tolerable description of India.