Sentence Examples

  • Voigt, Markgraf Albrecht Alcibiades von BrandenburgKulmbach (Berlin, 1852).
  • Voigt has traced the history of the Order previous to 1526 in his Geschichte Preussens (Konigsberg, 1827-1839), and he has dealt with the organization of the Order, and with its history in Germany from 1525 to 1858, in his Geschichte des deutschen Ritterorden in seinen zwolf Balleien in Deutschland (Berlin, 1857-1859).
  • Voigt says that he was the first monk in Florence in whom the love of letters and art became predominant over his ecclesiastical views.
  • Voigt, Die Wiederbelebung des klass.
  • Voigt, "Beitrage zur Mythologie des Ares and Athena," in Leipziger Studien, iv.

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