Sentence Examples

  • If you're looking for fancy visualization patterns while listening to songs, want support for rare file types or want to create a playlist of songs strewn throughout your hard drive, 1by1 may not be for you.
  • The visualization activity that works for you might involve picturing yourself relaxing in a beach or boat, or it might be an image of yourself standing atop the winner's podium after a tough meet.
  • Your instructor will usually provide the visualization while you are in class by saying things like, "You are starting to go up a hill, keep on going, you're almost at the top."
  • A diagnosis of toxoplasmosis is made based on clinical signs and supporting laboratory results, including visualization of the organism in body tissue or isolation in animals.
  • Similar to visualization, [[Guided_Imagery_as_a_Way_to_Reduce_Stress|guided imagery]] focuses the mind on images, such as places and scenes that are peaceful and calming, or of the body becoming healthy and healed.