Sentence Examples

  • For seven of these years he wrought among the Visigoths beyond the Danube, till the success which attended his labours drew down the persecution of the still pagan chief of the tribe.
  • After the fall of the Roman empire the city passed into the power of the Visigoths, and rapidly declined.
  • OSTROGOTHS, or East Goths, one of the two main branches into which the Goths were divided, the other being the Visigoths, or West Goths.
  • In 407 a multitude of Franks, Vandals, &c., burst over Gaul: Roman rule practically ceased and the three kingdoms of the Visigoths, Burgundians and Franks began to form.
  • In 39 6 he fought in Greece against the Visigoths, but an arrangement was effected whereby their chieftain Alaric was appointed master of the soldiery in Illyricum (397).