Sentence Examples

  • He appears to have striven for the formation of a national unity, which Spain had never possessed since the fall of the Visigoth kingdom.
  • The word may have some connexion with a corruption of Visigoth, a suggestion to which the use in the Girard romance lends colour.
  • Having during his stay in Gaul defeated and concluded an alliance with Theodoric the Visigoth, at the beginning of 460 he crossed the Pyrenees for the purpose of joining the powerful fleet which he had collected at Carthagena.
  • Another saint of this name, surnamed "the Goth," suffered martyrdom at the hands of Athanaric the Visigoth in the reign of Valentinian, and he is commemorated on the 12th of April in the Roman Martyrology, on varying days from 12th to, 8th in the Greek Menologies.
  • He persuaded the fugitive Visigoth king Athanaric to enter his service, and enlisted 40,000 of his former enemies as foederati, providing them with settlements in various parts of the realm.