Sentence Examples

  • In fact, it only approves the punishment as ordered by the Visigothic laws.
  • Parts of this law have been taken directly from the Visigothic law of Euric and from the law of the Alamanni.
  • It is probable that the Visigothic princes who were in possession of the country protected and enriched this monastery, and that it was destroyed by the Saracens at the time of their invasion in 721.
  • At first he ruled that part of the Visigothic kingdom which lay to the south of the Pyrenees, his brother Liuva or Leova governing the small part to the north of these mountains; but in 572 Liuva died and Leovigild became sole king.
  • Internal and external dangers alike, however, failed to daunt Leovigild, who may fairly be called the restorer of the Visigothic kingdom.