Sentence Examples

  • The flower is smaller than that of that Flag, and both falls and standards are vinous red-purple marked with darker veins, the standard being lighter in color than the fall, and its veins more conspicuous.
  • It has a very interesting little variety called pumila, which is found wild in some of the Highland lakes, and which has the same vinous perfume as the type.
  • It grows from 1 foot to 1 1/2 feet high, and has broad glaucous leaves and nodding flowers, greenish outside and vinous purple within.
  • Flowers are a deep vinous purple, with pinkish spurs.
  • For he proved that the various changes occurring in the several processes of fermentation - as, for example, in the vinous, where alcohol is the chief product; in the acetous, where vinegar appears; and in the lactic, where milk turns sour - are invariably due to the presence and' growth of minute organisms called ferments.