Sentence Examples

  • Davidi Vinifera) - Of the numerous varieties of the common Grape Vine the following may be named for use for walls or pergolas in gardens: Purpurea.
  • Long after the end of Prohibition, Charles Fournier decided to plant 20 acres of Vinifera on the east side of Seneca Lake in the early 1970's.
  • You'll find wines made from Labrusca, French hybrid and Vinifera vines at this business, located in Penn Yan.
  • Around the same time, Hermann Weimer was planting 140 acres of Vinifera on the western side of Seneca Lake.
  • The chief trade is in, and the principal exports are, palm oil and kernels, rubber, cotton, maize, groundnuts (Arachis), shea-butter from the Bassia parkii (Sapotaceae), fibres of the Raphia vinifera, and the Sansevieria guineensis, indigo, and kola nuts, ebony and other valuable wood.