Sentence Examples

  • The band were asked to re-record the album with producer of Nirvana's famous Nevermind album Butch Vig, in order to appeal to the American market, but Blur refused.
  • Schunwald, &c.); Geza Gardonyi (several novels containing the adventures, observations, &c., of Mr Gabriel Gore; A kekszemii Davidkdne, " Blue-eyed Mrs Davidka "; A Kdtsa, scenes from gipsy life); Charles Murai (Vig tortenetek, " Jolly Stories "; Bandi, a collection of short tales); Stephen Barsony (Csend, " Silence "; A Kameleon-ledny, " The Chamaeleon Girl, and other Stories "; Erd3n-mez5n, " In Wood and Field ").
  • The Islands Calamignes, manga, Ousl2vda uin/ 'lb ' Vig an ant* .0 S p 14;,f,13‘1 Apo d Pand r,, Tsa.
  • Lasting of the seventy years, and joining on to the sixty years of ?P~cYtO the Great Schism, this enfeeblement of the papal Vig 0