Sentence Examples

  • To prevent blurry photos, keep your finger on the shutter button while you follow the child in your viewfinder, then instead of popping your finger down on the shutter, gently squeeze the button.
  • It was the first digital camera to have a LCD display on the camera, allowing photographers to take pictures by looking at the display screen, not through a viewfinder unless they chose to do so.
  • It requires dividing the viewfinder into nine equal parts and placing the most noteworthy parts of your subject where the lines intersect to create a more interesting composition.
  • For example, when photographing a flower or face that it fills the entire frame of your viewfinder it wouldn't make sense to use the Rule of Thirds.
  • When using the auto mode, frame the subject through the viewfinder, then point and shoot by pressing the shutter release button to take an image.