Sentence Examples

  • There are a handful of restaurants and it's always a treat to be at the Slanted Door for cocktails and innovative Vietnamese food or stop by Hog Island Oysters and slurp down some fresh Sweetwater mollusks from Tomales Bay.
  • Although some agencies only serve English-speaking Californians, other agencies provide counseling to people who speak Spanish, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Arabic, among other languages.
  • Asian style home decoration, often referred to as Oriental decor, is a term that encompasses the interior design of the Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and other Easter cultures.
  • The idea of small Vietnamese children sweating over sewing machines for a dollar a day, some of whom are forced to live on the premises, is a far cry from fashionable.
  • An ancient Vietnamese myth recounts the happy marital union a farmer and a landlord's daughter with the help of an ancient god and a one-hundred section bamboo tree.